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Entertainment Insurance


In the entertainment industry, you face unique challenges and encounter risks not prevalent in other businesses. Our entertainment insurance experts know the intricate details of what it takes to protect someone in the entertainment industry. In the competitive environment you operate in, you need every advantage to remain successful, especially when protecting yourself, your business, your crew, and your reputation.


Entertainment insurance generally covers property and casualty risks inherent to production and live events. It can include physical risks to cast, crew, wardrobe, sets, and equipment. Sometimes we can find a policy with discounts for businesses who participate in safety and loss control programs. With the coverage you can lean on, you will be able to go on knowing that you are protected if something occurs that would require a claim. Errors & Omissions Coverage for the Music Industry includes Music Syndication and Artist Representation for Sync Placements and Independent Publishing.


Entertainment Insurance Services


Suppose your organization doesn’t consider the level of risk that you assume every time you put on an event. In that case, you are subjecting yourself to numerous potential liabilities that you might have to pay out of pocket should something happen. With entertainment insurance, your business is protected against a wide array of liability issues. Entertainment insurance services include:


  • Film Production Insurance/Documentary Film Insurance – Film production insurance/documentary film insurance policies generally cover producers, filmmakers, film crew, production gear, and filming locations from liability claims. It may protect you from copyright infringement claims. With various components, you can have liability coverage, travel accident coverage, errors and omissions coverage, and even cyber liability coverage. Film production insurance/documentary film insurance works to ensure that legal costs, equipment damage, and lawsuits don’t prevent you from making the most out of your production.
  • Staging and Rigging Insurance – Staging and rigging is one of the most foundational components of any event. It comes with an extreme level of high risk if an accidental error happens. If something goes wrong, like someone becomes injured due to stage instability, staging and rigging insurance policies can cover you from legal costs that can ruin you. Staging and rigging insurance may also protect against damage to equipment.
  • Special Event Insurance – When you plan a music festival or another special event, high costs and stress can be associated with it. Special event insurance ensures that you are protected in the event of bodily injury, whether to a worker or guest. Property damage, rented or owned, may be covered, and lawsuits that can arise from an accident. Coverage for special events can be provided for a single event or annually for multiple events.
  • Touring Insurance – Touring insurance works for bands, artists, entertainers, performers, and comedians who go on tour. Whether you tour locally, nationally, or globally you need touring insurance to be sure you are protected if an accident occurs while you are on tour. It is exciting to take your gig on the road, but touring presents unique complications and risks. If your equipment is damaged or you get into an accident, touring insurance protects you. There can be significant costs associated with accidents on tour. But when you know you are covered, you can focus on keeping your head on your show rather than worrying about what could happen.


Lists of services are not all-inclusive. We work with a diverse group of people in the entertainment industry. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, make a quick call to us, and we will find out how we can serve you and your business.


Entertainment Insurance Brokers


As independent entertainment insurance brokers, we have access to many insurance companies. We work with individuals in many facets of the entertainment industry. Whether you are in filmmaking, concert production, putting on plays, or other events, we understand that protecting your business requires a deeper level of understanding of what risks come with the territory in your specific line of entertainment. Entertainment is serious. The risks that individuals in the entertainment industry face are varied and unique. We are entertainment insurance brokers. We know the urgency of your needs and have the resources and experience needed to provide you with entertainment insurance solutions. Errors and omissions happen in any business. Get an insurance plan that covers media and entertainment specifically. Call us to get started!